Podcasting to prospecting

By total accident, I found out that a podcast interview can land you 6-figure projects.

No, not BEING interviewed or “building authority” as you might guess… but having a podcast and doing the interview with someone. I had no idea, but here is what happened:

called an old acquaintance and said:
“I wanna do a podcast interview with you about how you took over this big company and made it even greater. What do you think?”

I didn’t even have a podcast yet, and I approached a few people to interview for the launch.

He was up for it. Probably 95% of biz owners and executives who care about their brand are happy to do an interview.

We set up a time to talk to discuss the first “podcast appearance” *for both of us*. And we started talking marketing and sales stuff… and it turns out, his company is in need of marketing help.

So *he asks me* to help him think&plan.

Fast forward just a few months: now we help this company implement, among others, a “podcast play” to approach prospects. 🙂 We’re building account-based growth for this great business with a 1-year retainer which they will likely renew at least for another year.

Moral of the story? Duh…, right? 🙂
Podcasting isn’t just a great authority-building tool, it also has prospecting-superpowers.

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