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5 steps to success: our proven method to 3x engagement and reach on LinkedIn

Here are the five simple steps we implemented to 3x engagement&reach and get 4 inbound leads in just 30 days from just one small account.

Can you use Linkedin for lead generation? Yes, but not in the traditional leadgen way.

You’ve got to use this platform to connect and prime your audience… and then design experiences that draw them into your world.

Here’s how we did it recently:

1️⃣ Better topic research: uncommon sense – being more relevant for your target audience is a big one. Do better research.

2️⃣ More helpful, actionable, step-by-step content: learning is a big part of the reason people open Linkedin. Reading company PR posts isn’t.

More help, more real stuff. We focused on case-study like content, shared real numbers and focused on serving, providing, helping.

3️⃣ Post (a lot) more: goes without saying, reach increases logarithmically the more you post. What I mean: we doubled the number of posts in 30 days but reach grew 2.8x.

4️⃣ Connect with engagers: whoever likes, comments and is not yet a connection »» connect with them!

5️⃣ Off-platform content experiences: rather than starting sales conversations with engagers, invite them on an exciting ride… content co-creation, interactive events, calculators, assessments and any tools you can create that provide value are excellent ways of priming your audience.

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