Proposals for high ticket customers

Are you sending proposals to get big projects or sell high ticket, enterprise plans for your Saas?

Here are 3 easy things you can do today to get better acceptance rates:

1. Have a payment plan or product/pricing variations to choose from.

This gets the prospect to start thinking about which plan would fit them, rather than lamenting about whether or not they even want to accept the proposal in the first place. The time invested this way is a micro-commitment that gets your closer to the goal.

2. Make the hero of the proposal the buyer… and not your company.

Position yourself as the guide who helps the hero fulfill their mission. 

You do get to brag in your proposal, sure. But place much more emphasis on articulating the buyer’s problem and how your solution delivers the desired business outcome they’re looking for.

3. Don’t do free consulting. 

If you need to audit a client or create a strategy before you start execution, price it. If there is a resource-heavy onboarding process for your Saas: do not do this initial work for free, hoping this will get them on board easier.

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