Providing value in your videos

Is done better than perfect? Not always.

But, when it comes to launching marketing initiatives like social or video, aiming for perfect quality is going to paralyze you. But, there is one thing you don’t want to comprimise on – even in the early stages of video creation and social:

It’s content quality.

Not video quality, not sound quality (although THAT is also important), not hair quality.

OK, but how do you determine the quality of your content? – says thee.

Here’s what to ask yourself: after consuming this piece of content, what can my prospect see or do differently?

If the content is dominated by general wisdom that your market is already aware of, the value of is scarce. Make sure the content has the potential to either
– make a lightbulb go off or
– have a max 5 step instruction that they can follow to get a result. Checklists are also useful.

And how do you learn more about what your market desires? It’s through customer interviews. Find out what gaps of information your best customers needed to fill with your content. What beliefs and assumptions needed to change in order to jump on board with you.

Don’t aim for perfect media productions, but don’t comprimise on content quality.

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