Recruiting top talent

Getting the perfect talent requires you to be the perfect employer

Hands up if recruiting top talent is a strategic priority at your organization. 

Thought so… I’m seeing 98% of the hands go up. 

If that’s the case, you can’t afford to just put any ole’ job post out there and hope it will lure the perfect candidate into applying. Here’s what to do instead…

You already know that good marketing starts (and ends) with customer interviews, and good recruitment marketing starts with employee interviews. 

Employee interviews are crucial to crafting stellar job posts. (Just like customer interviews in marketing, thou shall not skip them.) In order to get ammunition from these interviews for your job post, you have to get the right conversation going with the employee – which is NOT about the specific questions you ask.

Here is perhaps the least intuitive element of great employee interviews: tell the employee that their job is boring. It’s the most mundane thing in the world.

Then, challenge them to prove you wrong.

You’ll get stories, examples, and they’ll probably be infused with a little emotion. Because when you provoke who loves their job, you’ll jazz up even the most introverted person.

This is gold for the job post you’re about to write.

If you just flat out ask “what do you love about your job”… you won’t get nearly as much detail and stories and emotional ammunition. 

We go deeper into this framework in episode 27 of The Electric B2B Show: In the show notes, we’ll also point you to Armin Trost’s resources, who has this and more on employer branding.

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