Revenue Operations: doing social selling right

Social selling - lead generation - demand generation all-in-one: case study

Let me walk you through a neat way to do demand generation and lead generation in the same instance, without messing up social selling.

You can copy everything in this mini case study, get set up in a day or two, and be on your way to social selling cooldom.

(details in the video so make sure you watch)

Want to know the first step?

Step 1: erase the word “selling” from ‘social selling’ in your vocabulary.

Why? Because on social networks, nobody is there to be sold to. When you’re shopping, you’re open to/OK with being sold to. 

Same goes for trade shows and many other places in life. But not on social.

You go to Linkedin (or increasingly perhaps, TikTok) to learn, connect, converse, hang out. 

(Don’t worry, you’ll have your leads, just not yet.)

Step 2: start generating demand. This is done by constantly (over a long period of time) posting great content that helps your buyers and is not about you.

Step 3: set up ways to prime your prospects as you start engaging. This is done by creating assets such as webinars, trainings… or content co-creation… or…: quizes and assessments!

The latter is super cool and pretty much nobody in B2B tech uses them (besides our clients).

A huge advantage: they give you incredibly valuable, fresh zero-party data. Armed with this insight, you’ll elevate your marketing and sales game overnight.

Step 4: repeat step 2 (constantly) and step 3 (for accounts that don’t show intent). Go to step 5 for those who do.

Step 5: reach out to accounts who show intent and interest. There are a variety of clever ways you can do that. 

What you’ve just done is
1. used the social network to connect and engage with new prospects while generating demand

2. used interactive assets (quizzes, webinars, trainings etc.) to prime them: arm them with insight, teach them and engage both on and off the social platform (you can now show for ‘leads’ if you need to – yay!)

3. activated them through sales plays – primed accounts are ready for prime time: they’ll convert to pipeline and breeze through it and sign the contract waaay faster than others who were contacted cold and harassed into a discovery call.

Congratulations. You can now show for revenue.

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