SDRs as thought leaders

Lots of companies struggle with SDRs having to warm up prospects on Linkedin, reach out and engage them, but not knowing how.

So, marketing or AEs have SDRs pasting templates into InMail and connection request in hopes of getting a response from a C-suite prospect.

Clearly ain’t working.

SDRs have to evolve into social media experts.

And this is what most SDRs are not up to by default. Usually fresh out of college with little biz experience, they can’t be thought leaders in the traditional sense.

So, they end up just resharing and broadcasting their companies’ posts. A total waste of time and bandwidth, just adding to the noise.

There is a fine line of content that SDRs can be trained to create, that leverages their personality and documents/broadcasts their learning in an entertaining way for prospects.

If you lack the grey hair to be thought leader, you can still be the curious, outgoing, engaging and colorful dude/dudette at the party and provide value in this way.

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