Should you be upfront with pricing?

Just got off a call with a client. We recommended they display pricing on their website (enterprise-grade software product).

The reason is simple: buyers LOVE to quickly get an idea of the investment that your solution requires. They HATE to have to call a sales person to just enquire about pricing.

Buyers will love you if you display pricing, it makes you all the more approachable.

I know, there are a million reasons why people don’t want to display enterprise-tier pricing (even an indication or ballpark ranges)… literally all of these reasons are company-centric reasons and totally disregard the buyer experience.

Not to mention that the logic behind these reasons is often flawed.

Here are some of the most common objections and simple solutions to them:
– there are a lot of factors that go into our prices »» give example use cases with ranges of how much your solution costs.

– competitors will see our prices! »» they can mystery-shop you and get the pricing information in a 3-minute call.

– what if customers don’t understand the value behind the high price tag? »» If the buyer is immediately put off by a high price tag without researching deeper, they wouldn’t be buying anytime soon anyway.

There is more to this topic, but the bottom line is this: displaying at least ballpark figures for pricing has benefits that far outweigh possible downsides.

We’ve yet to see a use case where it wouldn’t make sense to display info on pricing. We have it on our own site too!

ps.: Allow me a small rant: one totally crap and harmful solution is having a pricing page but then giving zero information on actual prices, but just vague and obvious info like our prices depend on volume and the complexity of your situation

Who would’ve thought, right?

These pages create a micro-disappointment in the buying journey »» you’re like yay, finally, a pricing page! and then when you get there, you’re like: …but where are the prices?!

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