Should you bother with marketing?

You might have sales dialed in with little to no marketing… and you might be doing millions of dolares in ARR.

You might be tempted to sprinkle on some marketing magic to ignite extra growth-engines.

My advice: don’t.

Marketing is a more strategic affair, not an add-on or an afterthought. But yes, it can and will boost your growth engines in more ways than you may have imagined.

The good news, there are a few approaches you can follow to make sure you’ll succeed instead of burning money like most other B2B companies.

Some of these benefits can be attributed to revenue, some to pipeline velocity (harder to directly attribute there)…

…however, the majority of benefits to the business can’t be measured or attributed, but they still happen and make you shine.

Here is a list of other business-level outcomes that you should expect from great marketing/demand generation:

– hire talent easier
– more earned media (expressed in what it would cost to pay for those mentions or placements)
– higher ACV
– possibly higher LTV
– brand recognition — easier sales

…the list goes on. what would you add?

ps: for high ACV deals, you can grow to millions in annual revenue with mostly sales, and almost no or little marketing.

But no matter how great your selling power is, it’ll never be able to bring the above indirect benefits.

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