Strategy-first approach to ABM

ABM should be led by business acumen, not new technology trends

Here is how to lose faith very fast in account-based marketing and go back to the old way of doing lead generation:

1. realize you want to “try ABM”
2. choose a platform or technology
3. try to “make the technology work” and hope for results

What’s wrong with this picture?

For starters, you don’t want the capabilities and the logic of the technology to lead the strategy. It should be the other way around. 

Any business strategy and go-to-market initiative should be led by business logic, not by technology. 

As it is often in life, when you have a lack of resources, you are forced to be resourceful. Sometimes a large budget spoils the team and makes them lazy.

Go 100% in on strategy and proven processes and don’t let the tool tell you how to market. 

Technology is great in marketing, but it has to be added and built out gradually. Start out by doing things that don’t scale and figure out how to scale later.

(Put differently, don’t dismiss good ideas on the merits that you wouldn’t be able to scale it beyond 50 thousand clients.)

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