Take the leap, it might surprise you

She: I dare you to do a flip!
Me: You’re nuts.
Me (going for it): …wheeee!!

I was facing a similar fear when we had the idea to launch live roundtables/webinars every week.

Here were some of my fears:
– what if nobody shows up?
– what if I blunder/slip, go off track?
– what if… what if what if what if…?
The what if questions never end, but your opportunity does.

If you keep putting things off: they’ll lose their relevance and/or you’ll be overtaken in the market.

Were my fears legit? Hell yea.
– we had one live session where just 1 person showed up (it was the best session conversation and value-wise)
– I had blunders, I had messed up slides (happy to report that everybody survived)
– I had gone off track not once… and ended up getting back on track – and again, everyone survived, probably few had noticed.

Were my fears reasonable? Heck no.

All these fears were real in the sense that they were real dangers but only in my eyes: the audience never cares. All they care about is getting great content and having high-value conversations.

So, three things:
1. do something this weekend that scares you a bit… or a lot.

2. do something next week in your marketing that scares you, like… a lot. For most of you, it’s getting on video. I know it’s scary, you get scarred and bitten – or so it feels, at first.

3. Enjoy the thrill and fulfillment of breaking through and growing. If you’re able to do this regularly… I think you embody the definition of an Awesome Human Being.

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