The #1 sales & marketing killer

What causes your marketing and sales to die? ☠️
I’ll tell you. It’s two words:

🥁 Generic messaging.

If what your communicating is
1. unhelpful for the buyer
2. self-aggrendizing
3. feature-focused
4. boring
…or all of the above, you end up using words that don’t excite and don’t sell. But it’s worse.

You end up creating noise. And who wants noise?
(I’ve got plenty at home with 3 young kids, a piano, guitar, harmonica… and your buyers have plenty of noise in their lives too.)

But… and this is a biggie: generic messaging is most often a symptom, it’s not the root problem.

What’s the root problem? I’ll tell you. Three words:
👉  Lack of strategy

Strategy in this sense, at its core comes down to:
1. knowing your ICP (ideal customer profile)
2. having clear positioning

When you know your buyers and have good positioning, it’s easy to find the right words, craft engaging messaging, create a brand narrative that kicks butt.

Everything else you’re doing in marketing and sales will thank you, when you have messaging. Because you’re clear on ICP and positioning.

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