The 3 pillars of B2B marketing

I get it: systematic, scalable content creation feels overwhelming.

Good news: when there isn’t much useful content you’ve created, you don’t need a plan or a system. Just brainstorm with sales to figure out what articles/videos or ppts will make the largest impact in the short run.

Once you have a library of 10-15 articles, you can start getting strategic about how to produce everything else.

Here is a good framework. Most folks agree that there are 3 pillars in B2B marketing:
1. demand generation – raising attention, interest and desire for your approach, your solutions primarily by educating the market.

2. branding – communicating your culture, values and purposefully creating customer experiences that makes people want to connect and do biz with you (and work for you)

3. account-based marketing – the process of selecting the largest accounts and having a systematic approach to sell to them.

The stones and cement of these three pillars is content.

When planning content, there are 3 levels of prospect awareness/readiness you need to cater for:
– top-of-funnel content for the unaware and problem-aware

– middle-of-the-funnel for the solution-aware

– bottom-of-the funnel for the product-aware

Overwhelming? It ain’t!

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