The GTM wedge

Go-to Market…
demand generation… Have we been making things too hard for everyone? 

I think we have… but there’s a solution.

Here is the thing:

I haven’t found a GTM or growth or marketing or ‘whatever’ framework that
– tech companies
– consulting/dev companies
– small(ish) marketing teams
– medium sized marketing budgets and
– a big appetite for growth and expansion
( that pretty much describes our clients)
could use…

…a model, that encompasses all the things you have to have right to win in tough B2B markets:
– strategy
– ideal customer profile
– competitor analysis and research
– using data and building data-assets
– messaging, creating a brand narrative
– positioning (or category creation)
– demand capture (lead gen, seo, etc.) and outreach of “all – temperatures” (cold, mild, warm, hot – you name it). Add nurturing in there too.
– content creation frameworks and mechanisms
– measuring, attributing, KPIs
…and more

And don’t forget:
– tie as many activities to revenue as possible, while…
– not tying certain activities to revenue
————— put differently: ————
– attribute and measure where it makes sense, while…
– being OK with not giving a **** about attribution and revenue some of the time

We could go on for pages, right? 

See, these are all things that a growth leader has to
1. be aware of,
2. plan for and
3. make sure they get built out and executed in the right order. 

…while not breaking crucial things in the process (and still having a life).

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a simple model that makes sense of all the above (and more) so that you can:
1. understand what’s even “out there” that you need to be doing
2. prioritize and figure out what to do next
3. have a way of devising strategies, delegating and measuring?

I’ve been thirsting for a model and didn’t find one that fit our clients and projects, so I’ve created one.

Introducing…  … …the GTM Wedge!

Oh man, not another complex framework with an awkward name?! – right?

This is different. Here’s how.
– It’s not a 238-step process that you have to follow.
– It’s a model that helps you prioritize, and
– gives you paths of execution based on your needs, budget, priorities and summer vacations already planned.

In other words, it gives tech executives, revenue and marketing leaders a way to tackle an insanely complex, fast-changing affair in a straightforward, almost charming way. 

If you want to know more, watch ep 34 here:

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