The psychology behind micro-commitments

A call-to-action in your marketing (like, getting a visitor to tap a button, engage with a bot, fill out a form etc.) is about more than getting a lead and eventually a sale.

It’s about getting a micro-commitment, a micro buy-in. The psychology behind those is that you’ll more easily agree to someone’s request (like buying an expensive thing equipment) if you first agree to a number of smaller requests (like reading a report, jumping on a call, attending a webinar etc.)

When you’re building out a customer journey,
– make sure you map out micro-commitments that will add up to the great engagement at the end
– make sure you get micro and macro-commitments on your website; in your social media; and you’ll call prospects to action in offline collateral, at conferences, everywhere.

What to keep in mind is that the path of microcommitments is usually (but not always) a gradual process, so you’ll want easy calls to action at the top of the funnel and more demanding CTAs as people move down the funnel.

Eg.: attending a 2-hour webinar is too much to ask from someone who isn’t even problem-aware. They’ll need something faster to consume in the form of a post or short video.

We discussed this, as well as some dating advice in Episode 15 of Electric B2B. Link:

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