The undiscovered protege: proposals

What is the lowest hanging fruit in your revenue operations…? The area you can tweak for a few hours today and get immediate results tomorrow?
(A rare thing in B2B, right?)

What is the area where you can spend a few hours to tweak existing assets and processes, and get a disproportionately high return?

It’s not scripts… it’s not ads, not landing pages, or conversion rate optimization. It’s not even sales hacks – whatever those are, nor is it a trendy acronym like PLG or ABM.

It’s the forgotten, neglected lost son… the undiscovered protege that can be turned into a superstar and lift revenue overnight. (Hype-y, right? Keep reading.)

It’s totally out of sight for marketing and also an unsexy, abandoned thing in the eyes of sales.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s proposals.

(You’re like…: whaat?!)

Proposals (and the entire process of creating and delivering them) can be done soooo much better with minimal effort… The result in better acceptance rates and higher revenue is realized overnight.

How to do proposals right is the topic of ep 16 of the Electric B2B Show. We’ve prepared a short video and an unusually detailed post for you on how to pump up proposal acceptance rates overnight.

Here’s the link:

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