Turning crisis into opportunity

Three truths ☝
1. it’s never been more crowded in the B2B technology scape.
2. the global economic climate hasn’t been this dull and gloomy for over a decade
3. despite the above, the OPPORTUNITY to sell Saas and IT services has never been this good

“But that doesn’t make sense!?”

It’s counterintuitive, sure. But here is the thing:

1. there is always boatloads of money in the market for the right solutions to the right buyers
2. if your solution helps companies
– make money
– save money
– increase security/reduce vulnerability

…then the demand for your product or service is at an all time high, provided that
1. you’re able to verbalize how your service/product is a MUST HAVE and not barely a nice-to-have.
2. you’re not trying to push a sales-led motion that no longer works
3. you know how to generate demand and capture demand.

In times of both crisis and opportunity, I like to go back to the basics and try to nail them better than ever.

In the case of getting big and important deals with growth marketing, the basics include:
– getting the target audience right
– creating laser-focused messaging
– screwing egocentric thought leadership and evangelizing – and doing thought servantship on all channels
– setting up the right campaigns to warm up the audience
– activating your accounts

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