Ungate your content. Now

Is it really that simple? Is this a b/w problem or are we thinking only in binaries?

I wish people could be brainwashed into healthy thinking and decision-making. 🤨 Especially founders and marketers. Here’s what I mean…

It’s easy to see how consuming the wrong kind of media makes people dumber, and makes them develop bad patterns such as fear, greed, egocentrism… you name it.

The opposite is also true, but less so. Consuming the right type of media and content should make us think, feel, decide and act better.

However true, this is not nearly as straightforward as the negative scenario. Here’s what I mean:

You read business news, interviews, videos. Of course, you do. So do other founders, marketers, sales people.

Now, think about this:

How many times have you read about company failures where in hindsight, people wished they wouldn’t have released so much great content? That they should have gated more… that they regret having been too generous in giving away their knowledge…?

Never, ever!! This just never happens, right?

👉 It’s like a dying person wishing they had spent less time with family and more time chasing money. This has never happened, but the polar opposite has!

(According to research, dying people usually regret having worked too much and having enjoyed life with loved ones too little – which is something I like to remind myself of daily.)

On the other hand, how many tech success stories have you come across, where a major success factor was building a community, being super unselfish with content, going all-in on serving the market… Where the most generous content strat ended up winning the game in the long run?

You’ve heard this story only 4235 times, right? Of course, you have, and so has every founder, ceo, growth guy or gal I speak to.

Then why is it, that way more than half of them feel uneasy, suspicious, disturbed… or outright oppose going all-in on serving your market with the very best content you can offer?

They’ve seen-read-heard the success stories around distributing stellar content for free… yet, they’re afraid to make the leap.

I simply can’t understand this!

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