Using emotion in communication

Does your communication and demand generation use emotion, story, and even ecstasy?

C’mon, we’re a B2B company, we can’t do that?!
Bullship, I say to that.

If I say to you: tech companies’ marketing… then I bet that excitement, fun and emotion are not the first (or 29th) things that come to mind.

I says we change that because people deserve better and your company deserves better engagement, more impact.

Because, my friends, with the right approach, emotion can be used skillfully with all the benefits reaped – without losing the serious, professional B2B face.

That’s right, you can be exciting and stay professional at the same time, and we’re about to show you how.

By watching episode 11 of the Electric B2B Show, you will discover:

– is using emotion in marketing a form of manipulation? We’ll debunk this and 3 other myths right out of the gate.
– the surprising truth about creativity in marketing (hint: you don’t need much creativity to make a big impact with campaigns and your messages)
– two easy and non-creative processes to incorporate emotion into your messaging in subtle, yet impactful ways


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