What makes ABM special?

I created a summary of three great books that will change the way you market and sell high-ticket services.

As you’re reading the review (and the books) focus on the framework – the structure that they recommend for account-based marketing. One could argue that account-based marketing doesn’t bring anything new that marketing didn’t do before ABM became a buzzword.

I disagree with that. ABM’s tactical elements might not be anything new. What makes ABM what it is (and freakishly effective if you do it right) is the
1. mindset
2. the framework/process

It’s a strategy. It’s a way of getting marketing and sales on the same page. It’s a way of aligning around revenue.

Do you have to read all three of them? No.

Just pick one that resonates from the review and do a deep-dive. But start with this article titled “The mindset that drives ABM platforms and programs”: Link: https://www.infinityn.com/articles/account-based-marketing-books

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