What should you look for in a marketing hire?

Are you looking to hire a marketing star but don’t have a clear idea of what qualities you should be looking for?  

Let me tell you what most leaders look for… at b2b tech companies who are making their first marketing hires:
– past performance
– creativity. 

What I see is that these are also two of the most misinterpreted and misused concepts especially when it comes to hiring. 

I know that because companies hire our consultancy thinking that we are creative, and after a few months, reassure us in their feedback that we are, indeed creative (which we are, of course, i never reject the praise :). 

But what they see as creativity isn’t actually creativity. It’s experience. It consists of
1. having a box of tools,
2. knowing which one to pull out when and
having the expertise to use the tools in unconventional ways. 

As a result of this little misinterpretation, they look for the wrong things.

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