What works better for video? Short-form or long-form?

Here is why you should keep doing longer videos regardless of what the average view-time stats and engagement stats tell you…

The prospects who end up going deep in your pipeline and sometimes all the way to closed-won… they want and need the insight, the depth from your videos.

These prospects will almost never comment and like with the videos – but in customer interviews (you’re doing them, right?) they’ll reveal the fact that you totally hooked them with your insight on LinkedIn.

This would be very hard to do with 1-minute videos. In high ACV b2b, you can generate awareness and interest with short videos, but not desire.

—— case study time ——

I’m super-convinced about this because I see the results of our clients and of our own effort:

1. just 3 weeks after launching a video-podcast for a mid-size manufacturing company, the CEO got an inbound lead from linkedin saying I saw your videos…. They soon signed a deal that paid for an entire year of our consulting fees.

2. we got Klear’s first client this exact same way: the prospect found me on LinkedIn, watched 3 of my videos and reached out.

3. It’s not just for sales and conventional marketing: a client used this same video-podcasting strategy with 5-minute snippets on LinkedIn for employer-branding purposes.

The feedback from candidates and existing employees convinced leadership that they’ll go all-in on video… so they’re setting up a studio now 🙂

In your content, you want people to leave with the impression that she really knows what she’s talking about. She’s been there and done it.

This is the most important outcome of your Li demand generation, and not average number of likes.

Cater to the tiny fraction of the audience who will pay your bills. You can’t eat likes and comments, but pipeline »» revenue will buy you bread.

ps. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t do shorter form videos and please your ego with better engagement stats. Shorter form, snappy videos is actually better to raise awareness.

Just don’t listen to people who tell you to ditch long-form content/video.

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