Why does the lazy marketer win?

Stacking the odds in your favor is underrated. It’s the lazy, but sophisticated marketers’ game. 

Marketing, growth and getting new clients is supposed to be fun, where more often than not, it’s the results-driven *lazy* people who do the best. Why? Because they force themselves to work smart. 

And when your campaign is smart and sophisticated, rather than a bulldozer, the buying experience is better, which usually leads to better biz outcomes. 

But, enough preaching already. What do lazy but sophisticated marketers do differently? 

They stack the odds in their favor by targeting the right accounts. Accounts, which are similar in multiple ways to the existing top-customers. Accounts, who also fit your criteria that you have outlined in your detailed ICP description.

The criteria, if done right, will usually define companies who should be a relatively easy sell; or at least, where you have a high chance of doing a good job (and by demonstrating that, your odds of selling are higher). 

Less-sophisticated marketers will want to skimp over these details. They won’t bother with customer research, they’ll want to get right to campaigns and automations and outreach. They’ll need to invest 2-3x the effort to get similar results to their more sophisticated counterparts.

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