win the war for talent

with employer branding, you can attract the talent you want to work with

When tech companies hire our marketing firm to help ’em get big clients, the conversation very quickly shifts to this:

EMPLOYER BRANDING »» attracting and retaining talent. 

The tech sector is probably one of the fiercest places out there in the war for talent.

The truth is that attracting and keeping (the two are interrelated!) talent can sometimes do more for your bottom line and strategic position, than acquiring new customers on new channels. 

For many service companies, the bottleneck to more revenue isn’t a lack of leads or sales opportunities. They could easily sell more projects if they had the right butts in empty seats. It’s a crazy reality!

Employer branding is an exciting area, where we marketers can add value big time. That’s why at Klear B2B, we’re setting up talent acquisition campaigns »» so that they become plug&play processes, just like our customer acquisition campaigns.

How you build your employer branding and the logic behind the initiatives you launch are actually pretty similar to the ABM strategy and campaign logic.

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