Building a tech company on culture – ep 13

The GoodRequest story with Tomas Lodnan

When a tech company that started from a college dorm in the remote hills of North-East Slovakia, and then quickly grows to 75 people, and is delivering top-line solutions to fintech companies Europe-wide; you know there are lessons to be learned.

We dive deep into the beautiful story of GoodRequest – both the glory and the struggles that founder and CEO Tomas Lodnan endured and so elegantly played to his advantage. The key theme on the journey? Culture. What is culture?

The way people interact, cooperate and end up building a vision that is larger than the sum of their individual strengths. The ingredient that makes this possible is culture. It determines leadership and everything else – from top to bottom.

You can check out GoodRequest’s website here, connect with Tomas on Li and Twitter as well as email him at

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