SDR superpowers for account-based marketing – ep 8

How to have business development and marketing play aligned for growth

Be’Anka Ashaolu, VP of Marketing at Propel and Dan from Klear dive-into some exciting parts of account-based marketing at Propel. Propel is “the only solution to unify product and customer records throughout the value chain for true enterprise collaboration.” They have a fairly advanced marketing strategy, having an SDR team in place that complements marketing efforts – and vice versa. It was great to get a peek into how Be’Anka’s team approaches strategy and execution and how they’ve been able to build up a successful B2B marketing operation.

Be’Anka and Dan specifically talk about the role of SDRs – how to incentivize them, what their role is in account-based marketing plays… and WHAT to measure to get a clear picture of SDRs’ contribution.

Links mentioned in the episode:
Propel: – the SDR-powerhouse doing account-based growth for big tech companies
The coffee-place Be’Anka owns with her sister:

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