Your prospects don’t care about you – ep 7

Here is what they DO care deeply about...

Fundamentally, all your prospects care about is what you can do for them. Not the way you look, sound or even how “professional” your company is. This shift in perspective will liberate your marketing and outbound activities.

Yet, the fear of not looking “professional” enough and the assumption that you have to get it perfect is what keeps sales and marketing from doing things that are very effective. For example: video, be it video on social or video-prospecting on Linkedin.

Here is what prospects (and every human being who comes across your business) care about: themselves. As in, what you can do for them. What you can give them comes down to providing value. You can do that by:

  • teaching/advising/informing
  • entertaining
  • listening

That’s it! Ideally, you’ll blend all three in your marketing and your general “presence”. Even when doing cold outreach! Focus NOT on what the prospect will think of you, but what you can provide them. Make it about them, because it is about them. Not you personally. Can you feel the pressure lifted off?

Now, you do have to have a business that looks and feels professional to prospects, clients and employees in the way you engage, communicate and deliver on promises. However, when it comes to social media and prospecting videos, it’s different. Imperfect and authentic videos always beat the “produced, Hollywood-style” videos or faceless animated videos in engagement.

Remember: on social media, people want to engage real humans. If you hide behind the mask of perfection, you make yourself less approachable.

This shift in mindset should liberate you and help you take on initiatives that you may have been afraid to take on. It will make everything you do better.

I credit Frank Kern with this whole concept.

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