Agile account-based content creation

Easy-peasy, but super-effective content play for changing your propsect’s thinking:

1. sales faces an objection with a prospect that is hard to overcome
2. marketing creates video content for the company blog that reframes the problem (the content is general but industry-specific to your prospect). Video is embedded in blog using Wistia or Vidyard
3. sales shoots out blogpost to prospect, marketing targets prospect with email newsletters/targeted ads
4. marketing tracks which part of the post the prospect didn’t watch (with vidyard or wistia you can do that)
5. marketing creates a short spinoff-video with the part not watched by prospect. And posts it on LinkedIn, tags the prospect.

Once your growth team in the rhythm of creating video content, this quick play is easy and fast.

If you want a buzzword-y name for this process, try this: agile account-based content creation. 😉

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