Don’t be everything to everyone

IT development companies face several challenges when they try to expand (and go international).

One of the better problems they have is being good at a multitude of things; with a bit of exaggeration, they’ll code anything anywhere on any device.

Why is this a problem?

Because it makes it harder to specialize when creating marketing operations in a competitive market. And specializing, niching down is mandatory.


When going international, you can’t be everything to everyone across all domains. The market is already filled with IT companies like you, who can also do everything for everyone, like you. And they have a 10+ year advantage over you, plus the advantage of home court.

You need to narrow focus (radically) and center your positioning and messaging around one solution area in one domain.

The reason?

Everybody (you included) is drawn to specialists. You just assume that a specialist of a certain problem is better than a generalist who also does many other things. Don’t worry, though; you can expand your positioning once you gain traction and you’ve reaped rewards in your space.

Niching down/specializing is also a good strategy anytime competition intensifies and returns dwindle.

But, if you’re currently being everything to everyone and it works: you have business, then keep doing that and enjoy the profits.

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