Elevate your company LI page

I’ve been guilty of this. 😳

Neglecting company pages on Li.

The old logic goes that focusing on demand generation by putting out good content from key employees gets better reach and interaction on LinkedIn. Which is true, but only a partial truth.

I just got steered in the right direction; I host The Electric B2B Show, a podcast where I basically get free consulting from guests who are great minds. You can too, if you listen along. («« you caught that shameless plug, right?)

On this podcast, Tomasz just gave us sound advice on when and how to use Li company pages.

And Sales Navigator. A few of the nuggets of wisdom:
1. use the company page to highlight individual peoples’ achievements

2. make it an honor to appear on the co page » it’ll be seen as a reward for your employees to be mentioned

3. showcase company culture on the company page – helps HR goals as well as selling the people-aspect of your company

4. Default to Sales Navigator on LinkedIn – it’ll save you the ads and distraction of the regular feed and you’ll see ONLY the content that matters: content from your top accounts and leads.

+1 from me: Put the top thought leaders you follow into Sales Navigator lists too. You’ll get their content without having to wade through the Li noise.

More wisdom from Tomasz in the full episode: https://klearb2b.com/the-mindset-and-tactics-to-excel-on-linkedin-tomasz-maciejewski-interview-ep-9/

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