From nice-to-have to must-have

…and they lived happily ever-after. 😘

What is the state of total happiness and transformation that your solution can achieve for customers?

You need to be able to paint a vivid image of this in your marketing – while also being frank and not over-doing it.

Especially product companies, software solutions: ya’ll need to prove to the market that your solution is not a mere nice-to-have – it’s a must have. One way to do that is to portray the significance of the problem you’re solving. The other, what we’re talking about here is: to be artiuculate about the bright future, the happy ending.

You get bonus points for describing not just external outcomes, but subtle internal/psychological outcomes… like, how your prospect/persona will feel, how their average day will be different.

Create a clear vision of what your customer will experience after working with you – and use it throughout your communications, case studies. The more real examples you can bring, the better.

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