Getting quality leads 101

How do you kill a B2B marketing program fast? How do you burn mountains of money with little to show for on the bottom line?

Easy. Just play the let’s get a lot of leads game. Give the leads to sales/SDRs… and watch them stay up late every day… and get angry at you for the crappy lead-quality.

Then, fight them. It’s their fault they couldn’t convert 3 out of 3000 hot leads, right?
No, it’s not.

There is a better way. You know 80/20, right?

Focus on valuable accounts. Create marketing+sales specifically for them. But have a system in place.

Here is a simple 5-step process for creating demand and getting the market ready to be harvested by a sales team.

1. Define the market – create your ideal customer profile.
2. Buyer persona – have a deep understanding of the typical decision making/purchasing process in your market
3. Story – brandscript. It’s how you take your buyer persona from their “before” state to the happy ending, to the “after” state.
4. Messaging – create no-nonsense, superclear messages.
5. Content – create content that seeds the messaging, the brand narrative and educates.

It’s really not hard, this process has worked for countless growth companies in tech/manufacturing/engineering/consulting/saas.

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