Hooking B2B buyers with a good story

You’re checking out this company online and really resonating with their messaging…

you’re not even 100% sure what exactly they offer, but you just *know* they’re good.

Sounds familiar? I’ll go on.

The experience is so convincing that you’d almost recommend them without even having tried them.

Their entire presence makes you want to pull out your wallet and scream, just take my credit card.

Of course, you’ve experienced companies like this and frankly, this is the buying experience all B2B communication should aim for.

The big question is, how do you create the effect that hooks B2B buyers like this?

The way you create this experience is crafting a narrative that hooks the prospect and makes them want to step into your story.

It’s the brand narrative, pieces of communication that build up into a story where your buyer is the hero, and you are the master/guide who helps them win their mission.

There are seven parts to the framework… check ’em out in the little carousel. And tune into the Electric B2B Show where we dissect the Brand Narrative framework with tons of examples.

Link: https://klearb2b.com/creating-your-companys-brand-narrative-ep-15/

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