How to avoid webinar fatigue

It’s marketers’ fault that tens of millions of people worldwide have webinar-fatigue.

Why? Because this is how they run webinars at the top, middle and bottom of the funnel:

– come up with interesting title that sounds like you will help solve a customer’s problem (this is actually good)

– telling people in advance that there will be a recording, so they should sign up no matter what

– send one or two reminders before the webinar

– spend 3 minutes introducing the problem

– spend 10 minutes introducing the company

– spend 20 minutes pitching the product
– spend 5 minutes answering
pseudo-questions that their marketing team has written as a plan B, if there are no audience questions. (and why would there be audience questions?)

– send people to a regular sales- or book a demo page.

You know the results. then people complain that webinars don’t work any more.

Here is one if about 6 ways, how to NOT waste people’s time/Energy and actually help them, thereby making webinars better for everyone on both sides:

– have the right mindset: in b2b, when running webbies to top of funnel audiences, don’t try to pitch or persuade.

Your goal is to show empathy, guidance and build connection

– ask shirt questions, do polls and get people engaged. stop for questions after each segment of the event

– send 2 teaser emails before the webby to increase attendance

– mention that you’ll have a bonus for people who stay till the end

– spend 15 minutes discussing the needs and challenges of the audience

– spend 5-10 min talking about what’s possible if they do things right… the positive future.

-spend 20 min talking about the mindset, strategy or approach needed to solve their problem

– talk about their options and the pros and cons of each

– spend 5 minutes positioning your solution

– spend 0 to 25 SECONDS talking about your company. it’s not needed yet.

– spend 15 minutes showing stories of clients who used your solution

– spend 1 or 2 min talking about what’s really at stake, and the negative things that will happen if they do nothing or choose the wrong option

– take any remaining questions

– introduce a bonus resource or sthg to reward people who are still on the call

– close by pitching your next event or content asset that helps them on their journey.

This is just 1 of at least 7 ways to skin the cat using webinars… of course, those minutes at totally flexible, just put them there to show the relative weight of each component.

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