Inbound or Outbound? Allbound

The camp debate and why there's only one winner » allbound

Can we just settle this debate once and for all?

There are three camps:
1. the inbound cult
2. the outbound cult
3. those who just want to get results and realize they need both toolkits.

I’m in the third one. And I have a grand time doing integrated, allbound campaigns where soft outreach and inbound motions mold and flow like vanilla ice cream in an icy latte.

(Have you tried adding whiskey to that?)

The problem with the two cults is this: they both have a hard time growing beyond a (rather low) ceiling because they’re limiting their
– mindset,
– thus their toolkit,
– thus their results,
– thus the degree to which they can show up and serve their market.

If you’re serious about buyer experience and selling the way your buyers want to buy, you’ve just got to go allbound.

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