The 7-step framework to build your brand narrative

What’s the easiest way to reframe your market’s thinking?

This is literally the (multi)million-dollar question for any B2B business, no matter what stage your market is in.

The answer: create a brand narrative; a story that hooks the prospect and gets them to see the world through YOUR lens.

With a brand narrative, YOU get to frame their thinking about the problem you solve.

Who wouldn’t want to do that, right? Thought so 🙂
Here are the 7 elements you need to define and use in your messaging:
1. A hero – the hero of your brand’s story is not your company

2. The hero’s problem – articulating the big problem you’re really solving

3. Guide – in story, the hero has a guide or a partner who helps her on the journey. You are this guide

4. The plan – like in stories, in good B2B marketing, the guide has a plan: this is your formula, your unique methodology/SaaS

5. The guide calls the hero to action – have a set of micro-commitments that the buyer can take, which make the greater commitment of signing a contract easier

6. The happy end – your messaging needs to articulate and constantly remind the buyer about the great future that awaits them

7. The stakes – it’s not only rainbows and sunshine that need to be talked about, but the consequences of not taking action

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