The priming strategy that works for YOU

Creating value in a way that leads your buyers to you

B2B sales leader: Hey, lead generation isn’t working like it used to! What are we doing wrong?
Me: You’re not priming your accounts before you reach out to them.

Sales leader: 🤨❓ 🙋🏻‍♂️
Me: Rather than trying to get a discovery call from a fresh contact so that you can BANT them, create meaningful engagements first.

That’s what we call priming.

(On the attached image: after connecting (which shouldn’t even be the first step – It should be the 5th or 6th) you’re jumping straight to step 10.)

Sales leader: So how do we prime our audience?
Me: The most simple way is having your marketing team create assets for them or WITH them.

💥 More precisely: invite them to relevant webinars, trainings, events you’re hosting. (Lots of ways you can put a spin on an event where you talk on Zoom and interact with the audience, but that’s another story.)

That’s creating marketing assets for them.

You can create marketing assets WITH them »» co-create articles, podcasts, webinars, case studies…

This is priming. It’s creating a real relationship where you’re giving and co-creating value waaaaaaaaay before ever asking them to listen to your pitch.

And guess what?

Sometimes, your buyer, as you prime them, will actually show interest for your thing and end up coming to you inbound, wanting to hear about your solution…

Sales leader: this sounds like our company needs to start doing some actual marketing… 😊 » 😁

(Me thinking to myself: when this realization happens, sales will have 100% buy-in on ABM and the new marketing game.)

Me: the best thing to do NOW is to figure out which of the 4 priming strategies work best for you.
—– ps. —————
We’ve actually created a test that helps you
1. identify and
2. implement
the priming strategy that will work best for your current state of marketing and sales.

Here she is, test it for yourself:

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