The right questions to ask when starting out with marketing

You’re a sales leader or a founder. You know you need (more) marketing.

You know it should ultimately drive sales and revenue. But, you’re confused about where to start… or whether you’re on the right path. 

It’s not your fault – there are many misconceptions out there on how to build out B2B marketing ops, and all the noise with shiny objects, fashions and seasons isn’t helping you see clearly.

We hear you and we’ve got your back. So, let’s see… 

Here are a few of the WRONG questions to ask:
1. content-first or brand-first? (Hint: neither)
2. How many leads can marketing generate for me?
3. Should we do webinars/ABM/whitepapers/whatever strategy… or some other thing?

These seem to be legit questions, right? Some of them are, but they lead down the wrong path when asked prematurely. 

Here are some of the RIGHT questions to ask when you’re at the start line:
1. who are my best customers? why?
2. how do I find and attract more like them?
3. how will sales and the (soon-to-be-built) marketing department work together?
4. who should be my first/next marketing hire… and what should I outsource?

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