Time to cut off a few prospects

Ready to actually CROSS OUT some great-looking prospects from your target account list? Here’s why you should do it… 

Disqualifying prospects is just as important as finding the right qualifying factors.

It helps trim the fat on your target list. And for launching ABM programs, you do want a lean and mean list, not one that is inflated with ideologies and dreams. 

Disqualifying criteria are red flags that result in you crossing off a target account from your list AFTER they have met your firmographic and other qualifying criteria… i.e. after they have “passed the first screening”.

They’re often uncovered only through conversation and are usually qualitative in nature. 

Here are some disqualifying criteria that some of our clients are using to weed out target accounts that initially look promising:

» a SaaS company in the APAC region has “already using XY competing product” – they know that some competing solutions are hard to switch from, thus not worth the effort. 

» a European data analytics provider has “employs lead data scientist” – indicating that they are of high data-maturity, thus probably less interested in our client’s solution. 

» we at Klear have this: “doesn’t want to spend on advertising or training internal marketing team” – this signals to us that the buyer has radically different views and expectations about marketing, than we do. 

How can you brainstorm disqualifiers? 

Look at historical evidence: why have some previous relationships broken up? Why did promising clients/users churn? Look for patterns in quantitative and qualitative things.

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