When should SDRs step in?

Sales development reps ROCK… that is, IF they are managed right. But the way most people use an SDR team, they’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

With tier 1 accounts, you want to experiment with involving SDRs as early in the marketing-process as possible: reaching out to the right prospects as soon as you spot intent.

Most companies use SDRs for either cold outbound (less common) or for qualifying inbound leads (more common).

The thing is when you’re qualifying inbound leads, it’s often already too late to initiate a conversation – they’re looking at your competitors too and somebody else is framing how they’re approaching their challenge and situation… instead of you.

Be’Anka Ashaolu, a Marketing VP at Propel is doing a lot of things right in this arena, be sure to give a listen to my convo with her on the Electric B2B Show.

You can find the link to episode here: https://klearb2b.com/sdr-bizdev-superpowers-for-account-based-marketing-ep-9/

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