Better account-based marketing with digital events – ep 1

Webinars have been the thing for quite a few years. In Episode 1 of our podcast (that is yet to be named) we dive semi-deep into how to use webinars in account-based marketing and give you some tips on how to go about it.

How should marketing be different this year? 

Last year: less sales-y, more empathetic, more human, more conversational. 

This year: trends continue but transaction-orientation expected to come back. 

  • Still digital-focused conversations – travel and personal meetings will not resume to pre pandemic levels. 

Perfect time for – buyer persona research to verify the above. how have your buyers’ plans changed? Gather new intelligence. 

Interactive webinars, workshops in the form of Mini-events.

“‘21 Kickoff webinars” on new trends, new changes in the industry. 

  • Roadmap webinar – how your product is expected to develop this year and what that means for your buyers
  • No big fuss, just air it on any platform – zoom

Setup – have a host do a presentation – 20 minutes and do guided QnA OR make it workshop-like: evaluation/testing and have people go through a worksheet. 

This webinar-recording can be repurposed on social media. 

Hot ABM-tip: have webby transcribed and edited into a whitepaper and MAIL it to your TAs.

Some helpful tips to seed for the webinar and get people to show up. 

  1. Get clear on buyer personas. Challenger customers, C-suite. No sales, but have clear messaging in place
  2. Have a goal in mind you want to achieve
    1. Get TAs on a call
    2. Get feedback. 
    3. Sign up for a trial
    4. Attend a larger digi event
  3. Webinar date should be 5-7 days from invitation. Sometimes a few days will suffice 
  4. Have an email/messaging sequence in place before the webinar. 
  5. Do personal outreach. Call important people from top TAs. You don’t have to do it yourself, get someone like Infinityn

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